Customer Testimonials
The following are some unsolicited comments from our customers.

There is nothing like Fultzwagon's shirts for a show!  I have a MikesSong and a LeshStrong depending on which tour I am on.  I love the XXL size for us "bigger" guys

Aaron Fatz - Dayton, OH

The only thing better than a dancing hippy, is a DRY dancing hippy!

Random Facebook Post

Best Shirt EVER!!  August and Baby Maggie love the kid's sizes!  Mom and Dad love the Adult sizes!

Scott, Shannon, Maggie, and August West - Bellvue, KY

It's phun to watch a big man dance.  Even better watching when it's not a hot, sweaty, big man!!

Jason Spicer - Columbus, OH

Best new product on the lot since Grilled Cheese!

Roger - Columbus, OH

Great for shows, great for hiking, great for biking, great for working in the yard... I could go on forever.  I love these shirts!! 

Pierce Family - Whitefish, MT

I don't always Rage in a shirt, but when I do, I make sure it's a Fultzwagon shirt.  They make me happy!!

Willy, aka Ill-Star, aka Swilly, aka Swilis - Pageside Pins

In the sauna-like heat of DeerCreek 2010 I sold the MikesSong Dri-Fit off my back to a improve a strangers show comfort.  That's just the TEAM FULTZWAGON WAY!!!

J Potter - Columbus, OH